We are very pleased that people are enjoying our book and finding it of value to their investment knowledge. Below are some recent reviews of the Property vs Shares book:

“As an investment guide, this book provides the answers to many fundamental questions about the nature of investing. It is a good starting point for anyone wanting to invest, but searching for a more comprehensive knowledge prior to making a decision. It outlines many facets to investment, focussing on the key aspects of a well-rounded investment portfolio. As an emerging professional, this book provided insight into a future of investment and acts as a launching pad for gaining an understanding of when and how to invest, as well as – importantly – in what to invest. This is a succinct and professional comparison between the investment strategies, which I would highly recommend for any person wishing to extend their knowledge.” – Alex Bridgen, School Teacher


“After 18 years advising clients as a professional finance broker, “Property Vs Shares” finally ends my search for a comprehensive reference book which I can recommend to all my clients. This book is the first I have seen which  conveys the important information a new investor needs to know about the choice between property and shares in an impartial manner without the normal bias for one type of asset other authors have been guilty of. It is written in a conversational style which is easy for newcomers to understand and will also serve as a ready reference for more experienced investors who want to use it as a checklist to ensure they have all bases covered. Well done Peter Koulizos and Zac Zacharia!” – Joff O’Shannessy, Mortgage Broker