About the Book

This easy-to-read and understand investment book has been written by Peter Koulizos (“The Property Professor”) and Zac Zacharia (“The Wealth Wizard”) – both of whom are specialists in their respective fields of Property and Share investment respectfully.  It was written to help provide the answer to investors to the question that keeps getting asked over and over: “Which is the better investment – Property or Shares?”AdvertIf you’re like most investors, you have probably been deliberating over which form of investment is better: property, shares or both.

Property vs Shares cuts to the chase and outlines the facts, benefits and risks of each so that you can make an informed decision about where to invest. Whether you’re hoping to supplement your income or give up your day job, this book offers succinct, easy-to-use explanations on:

  • How property and shares have performed historically
  • How to research your investment options and find advice
  • How to avoid scams and schemes
  • What the implications are for purchasing properties overseas
  • What to consider when investing through an SMSF
  • What to ask a broker or agent

Property vs Shares shows you how to achieve success across both asset classes, so you can develop a diversified investment portfolio that helps you achieve the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.